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Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey (home of Bruce Springsteen), the Cold Seas is primarily the brainchild of guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter Chad Sabo, who started out solo, posting his folky demos to Facebook and SoundCloud. Through a friend, his music caught the attention of Roc Nation, which in 2014 signed him to a publishing deal and immediately picked up one of his songs, "Never Ending," for Rihanna to record on her album AntiSabo also produced the recording. He then set about putting together a band, recruiting players he had met through the local gig circuit: guitarist Erik Rudic, bassist Matt Castoral, and drummer Nash Breen. Christening themselves the Cold Seas, the quartet played their first show at Asbury Park's Wunderbar in December 2014. 

They released their debut EP, Afterglow, the following year -- three tracks of spacy, somewhat psychedelic indie rock with a vaguely retro feel. They toured with fellow Jerseyites Armor for Sleep, and early in 2017, released their debut single "Catacombs," revealing a more synthetic, synth-heavy direction.

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