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"The trio, Lance Shipp, Kennedy and Nathalia Marshall met by happenstance and ended up forming

L I O N C H L D, a songwriting production team that has produced 150 songs that are ready to be pitched to the artist. 

They've been working feverishly in studio over the last year to write and produce their collection. "We were in the studio six or seven days a week working on our craft and making it better," described Kennedy. Their hard work has paid off.

Coupure Électrique, written by the songwriting team, is the last track (Track 17) on singer Britney Spears' album "Glory". Recent releases include Kiana Ledé's single FairPlay and Wicked Games off her "Self-Less" EP as well as Bebe Rhexa's Mine off of her "Expectations" Album. 

Lionchld is now published by Alex Da Kid's KidinaKorner and Universal Music Publishing Group."

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